A selection of maps, ranging from antique till recent and useful city maps

Learn Chinese Language

Learning Mandarin Chinese is hot these days. A selection of the best online sources to help you master it.

Chinese Dictionaries

You know the Chinese character but not the translation. And what is the Chinese word for chopsticks?

Chinese Literature

Classical Poems from the Tang Dynasty as well as modern poetry.

The expat website for all things expat.

Galleries in China

In Shanghai & Beijing new art galleries pop up all the time.

International Schools

Year on year more international schools are started. The main cities at least have one.

Beijing Olympic Games


Capital of China. Famous for the forbidden city, the peking duck. Go to the restaurants, galleries and the embassies.


Capital of Jiangsu.
Visit the museum or take a look at the map.

China Media

Newspapers, expat magazines and magazines. A lot of information is available to visit.


Capital of Zhejiang province. Marco Polo was already there in the 13th century.


Where to eat and what kind of food. Chinese or some Western dishes.


Chinese banks & regulators. And how much is 1 renminbi really worth.


The most exciting and modern city of China. Find the museums, attractions, restaurants and expat resources.


Capital of Guangdong.
Find the schools, attractions, museums and consulates.


China has many interesting museums. From small local ones to grand national displays.


Capital of Sichuan. Famous for the Chinese pandas and spicy food.

Chinese Embassies

Where is the nearest Chinese embassy located? All online embassies of China arranged by location.

China Portals

There are numerous portals related to China. Find an overview of the best.

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Favorite China Websites

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New China Pages

The latest added China topics and Chinese cities.


Find a university in China. Many offer programs for international students.


Ministries, local goverments and state commisions in China.


Find hospitals and dentists with western facilities.

MyChinaStart News

MyChinaStart offers resources to China expats as well as visitors of China.